Kaptain ShinyToof

An Ork Freebooter Captain


Kaptain ShinyToof’s background is mostly unknown. The first encouter with Kaptain ShinyToof was when his spaceship (Spoona Wun) crash landed on a planet in the Gorlarian system. It became clear that the ships Gellar fields had failed while in Warp transit, or even prior to it. The outsides of the hull had been twisted and morphed by the effects of the warp.

Only one lone figure emerged from the wreckage. Kaptain ShinyToof. Somehow Kaptain ShinyToof evaded capture, survived in the wilds, then with a group of orks (presumably grown from his spores) rammed a giant mining truck they stole through the front entrance of a spaceport compound. He managed to capture an aquila lander and escape to orbit. Where he went from there no one knows. Of his ork companions that took part in the raid, none survived.

Luckily for Kaptain ShinyToof the anti-air systems were taken offline due to the reserve fuel stockpile at the spaceport exploded. This was due to a second mining truck ramming into it. All the ork crew died in this valiant ramming action.

Kaptain ShinyToof’s current whereabouts are currently unknown.

Kaptain ShinyToof

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