Eldar farseer


Cirinandril is a farseer from the Craftworld Ainulin Mure.


Ainulin Mure is a relatively small Craftworld and its name translate literally into delaying death. It is the highest ratio of aspect warriors to guardians than any other Craftworld and is fierecly loyal to its governing council of Farseers. The inhabitants of the Craftworld believe that the destruction of the Eldar is inevitable, but that the Farseers are the only Eldar who can delay this destruction.

One of the Farseers who governs Ainulin Mure is Cirinandril. She has devoted her life to the protection of the Eldar and is one of the more powerful psychics who inhabits the Craftworld. She spends a lot of time off world, travelling the vast universe in her Dragonship with only a small escort.

Her recent travels bring her to the Araneae system where she watches silently from the wings, waiting to stop a horror from being unleashed.


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