Crumbling Empire (40k)


Within the Celimax belt Duke Alexander Cyclades surveyed the excavation. Stretched out before him was a large quarry cut into the side of the asteroid, servitors on spider like legs scuttled about dropping chunks of rock into heavy trucks idling at the edge of the quarry. A white marble conical tower poked out of the bland grey rocks and dirt of the asteroid.

Standing besides the Duke on a rocky outcrop was a stooped over figure wearing a heavy red robe, and a large bearded man wearing a bulky fur and beneath that a suit of plate mail. Duke Cyclades wore a pseudo military outfit, with large shiny medals from wars never fought and clipped to his belt was a scabbard containing a sword of exotic design.

Duke Cyclades stroked his goatee.

“How much longer until we can enter Magos Thorax?”, asked the Duke. The red robed figure coughed, the coughed sounded like the Magos was within a metal box.

“The scans cannot penetrate deep into this rock. The entrance is unknown, Duke Alexander Cyclades,” spoke Magos Thorax of the Magos Archaeologica, Head of Lateral Research. He turned to the Duke, deep purple eyes blazing out from underneath the hood.

“I thought the priesthood of Mars had access to mankind’s finest technology? How can they not see through a few layers of measly rock? Am I not paying you enough?” exclaimed the Duke, as clenched and unclenched his mechanical gold hand impatiently.

“My Lord, perhaps some time relaxing back upon the Magnificent is needed? You have had a long and tiring journey to get here. I’m sure the Magos is working as fast as is feasible. I have in my recent travels obtained some interesting new spices and sweets,” spoke the large bearded man in a booming voice. The force field surrounding them, holding a bubble of air for them to breathe, shimmered briefly.

“Well take me back then, I’ll return once you have uncovered something… acceptable of my attention,” whined the Duke. The large man pulled out a compact device with a small display and several flashing lights. He pressed a button on the side.

“I’ve sent for a flyer to collect you Duke,” said the large man.



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