Crumbling Empire (40k)

Kaptain ShinyToof

Kaptain ShinyToof smiled, he was currently daydreaming of his Waaagh. He was a Warlord once, and he had a big Waaagh. All the boyz followed him in his favourite ‘ship da Spoona.

“Dat woz a gud ship” Kaptun ShinyToof muttered to himself.

Not long after the launch of the Waaagh from a cluster of worlds called the Atlantis Rift by the pink skins they ran into the biggest fight they had ever had.

“I liked dem Bugs, not as squishy as Grots” Kaptain ShinyToof thought aloud. He scratched the stubble he had got the painboyz to implant onto his face. He though it made him a more refined Kaptain, he had seen pink skins with it and liked the look. It had taken quite a while to find enough pink skins with the right length stubble and colour.

The bugs as Kaptain ShinyToof called them were the never ending tide of tyranids. The tyranids in question were from a splinter of hive fleet Kraken. With great luck for the Scicalus sector both the ork Waaagh and the splinter fleet exhausted all there resources in an epic battle. The orks were only victorious due to the luck of Kaptain ShinyToof (then known as Warlord TinGutz).

Kaptain ShinyToof getting upset with the lack of proper scraps and too much shooting decided to take drastic action. He needed a scrap, a good scrap. So he found the largest Tyranid vessel and rammed it. Ramming as Kaptain ShinyToof though was the quickest way to a scrap. With luck the Kaptain rammed straight into the vital organs of what was the Hive Queen of the fleet, this caused the entire fleet to steadily fall into disarray. Soon after ramming into the Hive Queen Kaptain ShinyToof and his best boyz were carving their way through the hordes of creatures within. At the end only Kaptain ShinyToof returned to his ship, declaring himself victorious he looked around from the Spoona’s bridge.

All the tyranid vessels just drifted, and his fleet was but the Spoona.

This happened in 992.M41.

“Grogspan, I’m bored. You ‘noes what we need?”, declared Kaptain ShinyToof.

“No boss”, squeaked a small grot who was currently polishing Kaptain ShinyToof’s shiny boots.

“Wez need a fight! But first I wantz a fleet of RAMMING ships!”, bellowed Kaptain ShinyToof.



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